A Blanket for my Granddaughter

I have promised to make my granddaughter a blanket. The idea was for her to take it to university with her so I have till next August really but not being sure how long it will take I have started thinking now.

A couple of weeks ago I went to stay with my daughter and family as my ‘bubble’ which made it easy for me to discuss blanket ideas with my granddaughter.

I had already sent her a montage of a whole collection of crochet blankets to give her an idea of the great variety of designs that were possible.

There were two that she liked best. One had large white snowflakes on a blue background the other was made with hexagons of the African Flower variety.

So I set to and made something inspired by both blankets and put together a rough outline of what a multi-coloured version could look like.

I have shown you these before.

When I looked for a pattern for the African Flower hexagon, I discovered that there are several slightly different versions so I devised my own that I thought gave the best balance of colours and also tried a few different joining methods.

My granddaughter loved them so on my recent visit I took my craft sticks wrapped round with the Stylecraft yarn.

As you may know I have not always been happy with Stylecraft yarns though they have one of the best range of colours. So I bought a colour chart for Scheepjes new Colour Crafter yarns that has a similar range and also some of their ‘Antwerpen’ purple colour to get the feel of the yarn and to see the colour because I have always found Stylecraft ‘Emperor’ a bit too dark. You can see the colour in the above photograph.

So I also took the colour chart and the ball of Scheepjes yarn and another ball of Stylecraft on my visit and showed it all to my granddaughter.

She was happy with the Stylecraft yarn and although I love some of the colours of the Scheepjes it does feel as if it might be less durable.

I had however wound some of the Antwerpen round a craft stick as an extra colour choice.

I had decided that, for the sort of blanket we had decided on, it would be good to have a large number of shades of the different colours.

I laid out all the colours and I must say my granddaughter was very quick and decisive in her colour choices and although I might not have chosen a couple of them they do form a good balance of colours.

She did like the one Scheepjes purple colour and although I don’t normally like mixing yarn I do think using this is the right thing to do in this instance.

Here you can see the colours she chose. Now I can’t know if your monitor / screen is set up the same as mine but I found that the green colours looked more true on this photograph. The others don’t!

Cameras are funny things.

(WordPress have forced me to use their new editor and I am struggling a bit!)

I might have bought the yarn and been able to create a few of the actual hexagons for the blanket but I decided to take part in Coastal Crochet’s CAL towards the end of the month, so wanted to buy the yarn for that at the same time, to save postage, but Wool Warehouse are out of some of the Cahlista colours and a quick search didn’t find me anyone else who had all of them. Don’t even know any local shops that stock it.

So I am continuing with succulents and cacti for now. Buy I have just realised that I have forgotten about my granny blanket so ought to do a bit of that too.

Have things I need that I can only buy down town, so have reserved a couple of real books at the library that I will collect at the same time. Both books I’ve been looking forward to reading for a long time. So Yay! for real books.

6 thoughts on “A Blanket for my Granddaughter

  1. I’ve had more hang ups with Scheepjes yarns than Stylecraft. When I contacted them about continuous knots in the Lonesome Pines Namaste yarn they told me to go back to the place I bought it. That’s fair enough but it’s not Black Sheep Wool’s fault Scheepjes have terrible quality control. 🙄

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