My Cubey Twisty Thing

Finally finished all the cubes I needed for my version of the thing I made for my daughter’s birthday Unsatisfactory versionwhere I was so disappointed with the pattern.

Took them outside to photograph.
finished cubes piled up in a jumble

Piled them together as they will be when joined.

cubes as they will be joinedLooked hopeful, as long as joining them allowed the necessary flexability.

I am really happy with it. Spent hours working out how to get a workable video though.

(Camera: wrong format and shape, conversion resulted in first few seconds pixelated and green! Tablet: wrong format, conversion ditto, plus turned it on it’s side. Phone: much too big file size conversion with VLC ditto tablet but phone conversion app worked. All three hard to locate to use while twisting cube!)

Can’t quite decide if it is worth going to the trouble of putting the pattern up on Ravelry as it would be a lot of work and not sure if I would have anyone who wanted to buy the pattern.

I am working on a similar but different thing that is less time consuming to make.

19 thoughts on “My Cubey Twisty Thing

  1. Not sure I would make it. But it’s fascinating to look at, and I would be interested in reading the diagrams for putting it together. I think I would purchase it, just to support and encourage you in this type of puzzle solving!

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