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I joined Instagram on a whim but although that was a few months ago I am still having problems getting my head round it.

I am joining with the #yarnfriendsrock because it seemed like a fun challenge and I thought it might give me a better handle on things but it has only added more confusion.

I hate writing posts with no pictures so I will add in a few small not especially relevant photos to break up the text.


I don’t need help with stories, as although I found creating one almost impossible, I have decided I don’t like them and they tend to do my head in. In fact when they have sound I end up jumping out of my skin and feeling quite traumatised but I appear to have found a way to turn the sound off, which is good because I think some photos have sound too.


Maybe this is my biggest puzzle, because when it comes to blogs I tend to ‘like’ all the posts that appear in my Reader that I get around to reading because I actually like them. Linking individual photographs seems different though, even if it is from people I am following. How much do you have to like a photo to click the little heart? I tend to click just for the one that stand out but maybe people I know from comments on my blog are more likely to get a like.


I was happy to think of Instagram as a place of no words or few words but with the #yarnfriendsrock you get people’s whole life stories and I find it enough of a struggle to add a couple of hash tags and a short comment when working on my tablet and the text seems quite small for my old eyes so I tend to ignore any pieces of long text. Am I getting this all wrong?

Because other people add comments I have dipped my toe in the water and made occasional brief comments but have never replied to one. Do people expect replies? And what is all this ‘@’ business?

In fact do people expect comments? I often comment on blogs and like the interaction. Though I normally wait till I am on my desktop with my proper keyboard as it is so much quicker and easier and doesn’t hurt my wrists. Commenting on Instagram seems intrusive somehow.

I enjoy seeing other people’s photographs but the expectation that I am supposed in some way to respond is disconcerting.

Following Hashtags

I decided that it would make life easier if I followed the #yarnfriendsrock tag because then I wouldn’t have to click on it to see what other people had shared.

However I seem to get only a few of the shared photos (why is this?) but when I do click on it I get loads more and in no particular order. The Heading is “Top Posts” but I don’t know what makes something a top post. Do you?

I also follow #gardencollagemonthly and I went there to check that I hadn’t missed people sharing September collages only to find all the earlier collages in a random order. It wasn’t even that the ones with more ‘likes’ were at the top. Luckily there haven’t been too many so far, so it wasn’t too hard to check through them.

Following People

I follow maybe 34 blogs but on Instagram I notice that people seem to follow hundreds of other people.

I have added a couple of people to follow from their photographs on #yarnfriendsrock but I can’t see me following hundreds. Am I in the wrong place?

Unfollowing People

If I followed someone and then “unfollowed” do you think they would get upset or are p[eople doing it all the time?

Revisiting Past Shared Photographs

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

When I load up Instagram I see the latest photographs with some adverts added in but then sometimes I can see the other photographs that I have looked at recently but sometimes I get given photographs chosen by Instagram that they think I might like and don;’t know how to see the photographs I maybe looked at the day before.

I am sure there are lots of other things that I don’t even know about! Like there is a funny Bookmark? type thing to the right. Haven’t dared click on that in case it does something I don’t like.

20 thoughts on “Help with Instagram

  1. Lots of questions – I might come back later to answer some more but first of all I think it might be a good idea to think about what you want out of Instagram. I use it for inspiration from others, a quick look through gallery of my own stuff and to share inspiration.
    There is absolutely no need to worry what other people want or don’t want, like or don’t like – people follow and stop following all the time. No need to feel obliged to ‘like’ or ‘comment’. It is much less formal than Blogging.
    Just click on through stuff you don’t want to see or hear.
    The Bookmark thing is to save posts you might want to keep for your own use eg information in the post or inspiration from the photo.

    I haven’t worked it all out yet and can’t seem to get the hang of creating Stories – doesn’t bother me though.
    A lot of the functions are for people who want to grow a business and sell stuff or become ‘Influencers’

    Hope that helps. ❤ 🙂

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  2. I gave up on Instagram. I had to many males hitting on me.. and it wasn’t worth it.. In fact it has been so long that I don’t even remember the pass word for it.. If I made any kind of comment , I was drowned in reply’s.. so not something I wanted to deal with. If you get lots of answers, maybe I can figure out how to use it too with out all of the annoying stuff.

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  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to like a photo but don’t read the authors comment.
    I think it’s best to use Instagram in a way that suits the person using it.
    The bookmark thingie enables the user to save the image on an Instagram folder that is personal to you meaning that no-one else sees it. I don’t know if the person who published the photo is informed or not. I save things I like that I might make in the future.
    I get people, mostly men with private accounts, follow me. I found that I can delete their follow and as I’m doing that Insta tells me they won’t know.
    I find it confusing still too but I like it all the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up getting tired of it 😉

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  4. The @ is for the users name. For instance this morning I posted a picture of a ceramicists artwork so I put her name up with the @ in front of it because it then automatically becomes highlighted and she would be told that I had done that did she could look.

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  5. Re like… no you don’t have to like everything you see. I quite often will like something not because of the photo but because I feel my like helps support them or some other reason. I quite often scroll through very fast and only stop if something brought stands out! 😆
    It’s really annoying when the same image pops up repeatedly and I generally then unfollow them.

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  6. Interesting timing on your post, I also signed up to Instagram very recently (mostly to keep in touch with a crafty friend) but it’s… definitely a lot and I agree with your general experience. It does seem to just spew content at you in seemingly no logical order but I guess that’s part of the mentality of something designed nearly exclusively as a phone app and attention grabber? The photo filters are a bit of silly fun and there’s definitely some beautiful work being shared there. Still think Pinterest will be my main image collection board (as it’s much easier to categorise and save things for later). For interaction though, I still think blogs are best – it’s always heartening to see some real discussion going on in the comments section and I like things not just boiled down into a few quirky phrases and hashtags.

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    1. Do you ask people before reposting their photos on Pinterest? I hate the way some people post photographs I’ve shared on my blogs without asking. Especially when they are of mistakes, which make sense in the context of the post but other wise look incompetent.

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      1. I tend not to ‘add’ photos to Pinterest (saving things from Pinterest from elsewhere on the internet) but I think it is good etiquette, especially for blogs, to ask beforehand. I’d rather not have to watermark my photos and it’s very easy for the text + picture to be divorced on Pinterest so even if the original poster gives credit then it’s easily lost. I know what you mean about pictures out of context! I appreciate that posting things publicly means there is always a risk of people using your stuff but I do wish people would be more respectful of copyright. There’s lots of great stuff licensed under Creative Commons that can be shared etc. with attribution without needing permission from the creator… unlike my stuff that can only be used with explicit permission from me…

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