So what have I been up to lately?

I don’t have any finished objects to show you at present because I have been working on several different things.

NOT my second sock.

sock and a bitAnd this isn’t ‘second sock syndrome’ it is just that other things have a higher priority, after all I have many pairs of socks already.

I have been continuing to work on the border for my Celtic Knot Granny blanket. I have now finished this far. border to date

It is really suitable as something to work on while listening to Formula One on the radio, as it is almost self checking, though I do tend to pause during the especially exciting bits and should have put it down all together during the crazy Monza Grand Prix yesterday but I got there in the end.

I am still working on the last round you can see there.

The border consists of a round of granny trebles (US-dcs) as in pattern, then what I call a foundation round, followed by five ripple rounds, and another foundation round to straighten the edge. then a round to allow me to add more granny rounds. close-up of border

I have been cutting the yarn at the end of each round with an invisible join so as to give a perfect finish. I am not intending to do that at the end of the current round though. I think I will go straight into a granny round in the cream.

I have not decided yet, but I will probably then try and start the tricky ripple design that I showed you,added ripplesthough in the blanket colours of course. Probably a long slow business to get it looking neat.

I have also been working on a better cube for the thing I made for my daughter. cube toy

Here is the first completed cube (only about one inch a side)one inch crocheted cubebut I do have the inside for the other seven and a few of the outer panels.

Another thing I am working on is the plans for a new blanket. experimental shapesThis represents a few experiments. I don’t know that the colours will be the same as they are yet to be decided. At present I can’t quite get the numbers to work (I expect you knew my plans would involve numbers!) but as my granddaughter hasn’t decided what size she would like I am having to keep things fluid anyway.

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