These spiders do a lot of dreaming!

Yes! it’s the Spiderdream top I made for myself all finished.

In the end I used all but 5g of the 250g, 1000m cake of yarn. Hobbii yarns

The one on the left – why take another photo!

If anything, I preferred the feel of the Hobbii yarn over the Scheepjes Whirl (both cotton and acrylic mix). However as I got into the green part of the cake I found the yarn was increasingly coming out in chunks that tangled easily and in the end I spent a crazy amount of time having to untangle the yarn as I approached the blue part. I don’t remember that sort of problem with the Whirl.

The pattern officially ends sooner than my version and I might have had enough yarn for the normal version if I had used the other 100% cotton yarn, in the photo on the right, which only runs to 800m. I do prefer the look of the garment with an extra frilly section.

When I had finished the last round of the final part, I was not very happy to find that the last round was blue/purple mix for one half blue/purple edgeand fully purple for the other half. purple edgeMy most accurate calculation suggested that if I tried to do an extra round with the purple I would run out a little way before the end, so I compromised and worked a round of dcs (US-scs) edge with dcs addedand I actually quite liked the more finished look that it created.

I decided that photographing myself in the mirror as I have done recently would not work so well for this garment and so went back to the camera on the windowsill method.

Here I share a few different views.

Full length. full length

The Front. front

The Back. back

The shorter side – I am wearing it this way round but you can wear it the other way so I won’t call it right side. short side

The longer side. long side I really enjoyed wearing it and when I had finished the photographs didn’t want to take it off. However Summer does seem to have finally ended so I will have to pack it away for next year.

18 thoughts on “These spiders do a lot of dreaming!

    1. The pattern is not complicated in that it uses mostly trebles and chains. There are charts as well as written instructions and I did find I needed to refer to both. The only tricky part is that you have to work out the sizing for your self and of course if you are using a graduated yarn it is hard to judge whether you will need it all. Having made one for my daughter I did know not to increase for the part where I would be joining up the side for a flat seam.

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