A Fruitful Walk!

I always like walking with a purpose (not just ‘for exercise’) and today I had a reason to go to the Common.

I did feel that I was maybe a bit late to the party but a few days ago, after reading Nana Cathy’s post I looked for blackberries. In lots of places the bushes were fairly bare: picked or poor harvest? – not sure – but then I found a corner where there were a few, so today I went out with a couple of small plastic boxes and a planned route.

And I came back with these.

two lots of blackberries

Here’s a closer look. blackberries closerBeautifully shiny!

I will eat some now and freeze the others.

When I came home and looked out, I saw that my tree had provided a few apples on the ground. windfalls(I have only been eating windfalls as the ones I tried to pick off the tree seemed firmly attached).

In fact when I picked them all up six applesI had more than enough to make a apple and blackberry pie or crumble. apples and blackberriesWhich to make?

My apples are Coxes not cooking apples but they do cook well.

In the end I offered to make something for my son as well as I had a couple more apples in the fridge. I decided to go for piestwo blackberry and apple piesas I had suitably sized tins. The one on the right is the one for my son is as it’s the better shaped tin.

The other tin is deeper and narrower but I added an underneath layer of pastry to leave less room for fruit and because I do like a tart rather than a pie if made in a metal tin.

My son came round to collect his pie and we had a drink and a chat which was really pleasant and when he left I put my pie in the oven.

cooked tartSo I had half for supper. ready to eatand I can have the other half tomorrow. second half

8 thoughts on “A Fruitful Walk!

    1. Very glad of your reminder. I have a habit of forgetting to look for blackberries until it is too late, especially as I think of them as September fruit and certainly in more recent years you definitely have to start looking in August.


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