2nd Twinchie

I recovered from making the first twinchie more quickly than I had expected and so I have now finished both of them.

I decided to just do some blanket a stitch for the edging and would have used more strands of thread but having to sew through so many layers of cloth, and especially the creamy coloured one, the needle just wouldn’t pull through,  blanket stitch egingso I ended up with a daintier version, that I actually think works better.

I really found it hard to decided what I could do with this one, so I just stared and stared until it all became clear.

The process reminded me a bit of a game I used to play with myself as a child when I would scribble with a pencil on a piece of paper and then stare at it until I could see a picture concealed and would colour in portions to reveal what I saw. scribble

What can you see?

Click  HERE to see what I saw.

I did have a few different ideas for what I might do with the upper part but in the end this version won!

As with the first twinchie I did a trial run of part of the design, this time a spider’s web. trial

And what did I see?

second twinchie

I saw a river bank with reeds and flowers, added a spider’s web hanging from the branch and sparkles on the water.

Here are my two twinchies together. both twinchies

The first was an abstract design but the second is more of a picture.

They will now be winging their way back to Sandra.

Amazing all the inchies out there and amazing what people can fit into even one inch like here. http://jennyjayscrafting.blogspot.com/p/inchies.html

Makes me think maybe I should try to make some myself, if I can find suitable materials.

8 thoughts on “2nd Twinchie

  1. Wow! Fabulous!
    I love what you made of those few square inches of fabric scraps. I am very excited to see them with their ‘brothers and sisters’. 🙂

    Also I love that scribble game – I saw trees waving in the wind.

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