My First Twinchie

I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to post about these but I have finished the first one and did take a few quick photos along the way so I thought I might.

I received two of Sandra’s Twinchies a few weeks ago. two twinchiesNow I had had a few ideas of how I might embellish about half of the sixteen available but these were not any of those so I had to put my thinking cap on.

I got out a few things I had tucked away in my Merchant’s Chest.

A tin of beads I had bought at a jumble sale in my teens. bead box

Full of a variety of beads and things. box openI have used some over the years.

An old sweet tin full of ribbon and lace and similar that I keep adding to. tin of ribbon and lace

I decided it that I would like to use some of the lace wide lacethat I also have had since my teens.

As I went along I pulled out more things and decided to make the top of the chest my place for planning so I didn’t lose anything. top of chest

I wanted to sew on some of the beads so I had a practice on a scrap of material left from when I made my first pair of trousers. practice

So Monday afternoon I had a go at sewing on the lace and adding a few strands of silk thread that my mother had passed on to me when I first started embroidery. It was much harder than I had imagined and I had to resort to a magnifying glass to see what I was doing.

Then Tuesday afternoon, I decided I had better do some more while I had the sunshine.

I thought Sandra had said something about edging, so I decided I had better do that before adding the beads. In the end it was ten times harder than I had imagined and half way through I was hot and bothered and could hardly see but I was determined to finish and I did recover a bit and managed to finish.

I have very little sewing cotton but luckily I remembered that I had this sewing plait, now rather a mess. sewing cotton plaitBut enough to give me colour options for the edging.

And so eventually I had produced this.

finished twinchieI thought it was a better effort before I saw the photos but hopefully it will get lost among the others. I might try blanket stitch for the other one. The gold ribbon didn’t really like to be handled.

Having exhausted myself, I will be waiting a bit before I start the second one.

11 thoughts on “My First Twinchie

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post!
    I love your collections of goodies from yester year and how you have used them.
    Your twinchies are splendid! I had said the edging (or not) was entirely up to you.
    It is lovely to have your twinchies back here with their brothers and sisters – I am really looking forward to seeing how they all come together. You put so much thought into each one – thank you RJ! 🙂

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