Crochet in a Heat Wave

We have recently had a bit of a heat wave in the UK and while it was so hot all I felt like doing was sitting indoors and doing some crochet.

Crocheting a blanket though is not really a good idea so I decided to start my Spiderdream top.

Remember I recently showed you the one I made for my daughter. finished top

The yarn I had decided to use for minetwo sorts of yarn

was the Hobbii Colour Bomb you can see on the left because I decided I needed the full 1000 m it will give me. It is a mixture of cotton and acrylic like the Scheepjes Whirl but it has a smoother finish and weighs a little more for the same length.

Having a more cottony finish made it a better choice in the heat but some days even using this yarn was a struggle and I got fed up of repositioning the yarn every stitch because it wouldn’t slide through my fingers. So I resorted to tidying my study/bedroom. However I managed to do a bit each evening and now I have progressed almost up to the point where I can join the side seam. new top progress

A weekend of F1 means I seem to have a lot of posts to catch up on but I think I had better finish the tidying. tidying

it always gets worse before it gets better!



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