Time for a Border!

I have now finished my Celtic Knot Granny Blanket as far as the pattern I created. blanket on setteeI didn’t include a full border as I always feel that the border on a blanket is the way you personalise it.

First some more pictures.

Here it is on the bed. blanket on bedI chose the size so all the Celtic plaitwork part would be visible easily.

As an aside I weighed the remaining four different main colour yarns when I had finished and again I had used 20% more of the green and almost exactly the same of the other three!

And a more total view. whole blanket

I have been thinking about the border for a while and I shared this on Instagram.

border trials
Made with oddments of yarn

This was partly inspired by my experiments with Mosaic Crochet where I realised that by working in the back loops of the stitches, it left the front loops available for further embellishment. I fancied creating an interweaving of the different colours and this seemed to create the effect I was after.

However although the rows of stitches here created a natural symmetrical wave, I knew that to add it to a straight edge would require a wavy base row.

So I now drew it out on paper. planning pageAnd worked on a few tentative ideas for carrying the design round the corner.

(In the event I took a more instinctive approach to working the corner though it did come out similarly.)

So of course I needed something to try it out on.

If any one has followed me since Rachel’s CAL they may recognise the square I chose to work round. It is one of about nine or ten that basic maths meant I wasn’t able to incorporate into the final blanket. I have kept them in my chest and now I was able to choose one that was suitable.

So here is the base row. base rowThen I added the wavy rows. four wavy rowsand added some overlay overlay added

Not sure if to do another row of waves.

I rather fancied a lacy edge after this but I decided to look at my Border book. crochet borders book
and found a design where the first row was very similar to the edge I had on the border so I tried working the following rows to see if it would work. Wasn’t sure I liked it. so I tried again and decided to add another wavy row and move the ripples up a row.Then repeated the base row so as to create a flat edge, overlay movedadded some dcs and chains that I will follow by an unspecified number of granny rows granny rows addedand probably finish off with what I think of as a Granny corner row as with my flower cloth. flower cloth border

Up to now I had relied on a few simple sums and a degree of mathematical intuition to decide that I could go all round the blanket with my overlay and find that it joined up harmoniously. Filled with self doubt however, since it is rather a large undertaking, needing me to work with all four balls at once, I decided to use the computer to help me check, so I created a rough segment to base it on and created this. computer version

Here is a corner. corner of planI didn’t need to have all the over/unders marked correctly, so I just did the ones I needed.

This was done before I moved the overlay but I don’t think that changes anything.

This is how far I have got working on the border. border to date

Might have got further but have been working on another project as well. Will show you more when the border is completed.

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