Turquoise Spiderdream

No! I am not going to talk about those creatures you find in your home and garden but the top I was making for my daughter from this pattern – https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spiderdream

I started it last December and showed you the beginnings. just a few rounds

almost to the second sleeve

ready to join the seam?

But the difficulty of meeting and so having her try it on meant that it has only been finished recently.

Now I can show you the finished article. top finishedThe pattern is more of a recipe than a rigid pattern so it was hard to know how much yarn would be needed but I wound off some of the dark turquoise at the beginning to ensure that I would get to the paler blue before the end. However when my daughter tried it on she decided that she wanted it just a bit longer so in the end I used all of the rest of the yarn and you have a very pretty frilly pale edging. I am pleased with the result.

I have the yarn to make one for myself but less incentive to start, now it is half way through summer and I am not socialising, so less opportunity to wear such a garment.

As you can see it really looks good on my daughter. top wornand she is enjoying wearing it.

(Not a colour that my camera likes though! I tried some other photographs with it on a hanger but the colour just looked blotchy!)

9 thoughts on “Turquoise Spiderdream

  1. Intriguing title to this post.
    I absolutely love the top, and I’m sure your daughter is enjoying wearing it – it looks fabulous.
    Yours would be in rainbow colours I suspect – gorgeous – come on now, get on with it, ready for that mother and daughter photo! It would look great over a T-shirt – even a long sleeved one. 🙂

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  2. I love that spiders are part of nature’s wondrous creations but do not want a single one anywhere near me.
    The top is fantastic, it looks amazing on your daughter. And Wild Daffodil is right, it would also look great over a long-sleeved t shirt. You are so clever, I could never have made anything like this!

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    1. Actually re the spiders, British spiders are apparently some of the most venomous but most don’t have big enough fangs to pierce the skin, or so I have read. However I did read recently that J R R Tolkien was bitten by a spider when he was growing up in South Africa so maybe that is why the spiders in his stories are the bad guys. Also means maybe you are right to keep away from them.

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