My Green Garden

Recently, having gone out to put together a montage of the July flowers in my garden and comparing what I had seen on other people’s Instagrams I realised that my garden far from being a riot of colour was just mainly Green.


Doesn’t look too bad there but if you look round.

I have two clematis on a trellis.

I don’t know if you can see the bud that has now opened.

A few days a go it looked like this. clematis bud

so elegant I feel.

There are lots of seed heads but his was the best one. clematis seed headI did think it was rather beautiful. Reminds me of old man’s beard which of course is also in the clematis family.

The bed beneath that is mainly my hellebores and lily of the valley is also very green. hellebore and lily of the valley

The fuchsia is flowering well, though as I have replaced the previous old, over large one with a new plant it is quite small. fuchsia bush

It was very tricky getting a photograph, I was practically lying on the ground. fuchsia flower

I always think that the flowers look like little dancers. A bee was happily visiting the flowers at the time but I couldn’t get a photograph as each time he visited a flower he climbed right inside and disappeared.

Further along, the other side of a tall, flowerless, daphne (well it flowers in February) is my other daphne (also new) and the sedum that will be a lovely pink eventually. daphne and sedum

But at least I felt that they were technically still flowers. sedum flower in budAs it looks a bit of a mess, I won’t show you the bed with another clematis, that provided one decent flower  Diana's Delight clematis flower(they are lovely when they are newly opened)

and the litodora,lithodorathough only one flower worth photographing,

and the allium alliumI do love the Christophe alliums. Definitely my favourite.

The rose bed that also contains a (now flowerless) lithdora is also a bit lackingrose bedbut did provide a beautifully coloured bud. rose bud

and one open flower. open roseMy apple tree is of course green as you would expect. But had been rather over supplied with apples. removed apples

The branches are a little happier now I have reduced the crop though still need supporting. apple tree

Bit of an impulse post. Sun came out, not the best light for photographs, but my wrists needed a rest.

9 thoughts on “My Green Garden

    1. Thank you! I’d send you some lilies of the valley except that it’s probably not allowed. I had them from a friend where they had spread too much but I wanted them because we had had them in the garden when I was a child and they smell so wonderful.

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