Another problem with Stylecraft yarn!

By next Monday I will have finished enough of my latest blanket to start to share it with you. Only about halfway in terms of the whole thing but the main design finished.

When I create a blanket I like to calculate how much yarn I will need first. The ideal is to have the blanket use almost all the yarn but that is not always possible. However with this blanket I needed equal amounts of the four main colours and had plans for the residue.

Imagine my horror therefore, when I was getting towards the end of the part I will be showing you, to find a massive discrepancy between the amounts of yarn left of the four colours.

Three of the them had about 20g left out of the 100g in the ball but there was next to nothing left of the fourth colour.

As you can see here. leftover yarn

(I made a mistake with the blue which is why there is a small extra ball from the bit I had to redo.)

I had a close look at the yarn to see if you could see how they differ and although to the eye there is not much in it, when I feel the parts made with the green yarn they do feel that bit more substantial somehow. strands of yarn

Now I admit that my tension is not always consistent but I cannot believe that I have crocheted consistently looser with just one colour.

One thing I did notice is that the three yarns that have worked up similarly have four digit Dye Lot Numbers and the green has a six figure one. balls showing dye numbers

Interestingly. last time I had a problem with Stylecraft yarn,  because the green (again! but different shade) was thinner than the other colours, that too had a six figure Dye Lot number.

So maybe whoever puts a six figure number on their product is just inconsistent. Or did my complaint make Stylecraft tell them to make the yarn thicker and did they overshoot?

I am not going to complain to Stylecraft again but I am going to investigate other yarns. Maybe even move away from cheap acrylic yarn altogether.


13 thoughts on “Another problem with Stylecraft yarn!

  1. Thanks for sharing – I understand the warning of ‘mixing different dye lots at your own risk’ but I think you’d expect slightly better quality control on the thickness of the yarn. Bit of a shame about Stylecraft as it’s a great mixture of affordability and great colours but good luck with finishing up your project!

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    1. I have used Stylecraft because of the abundance of colour choices but I have never met this degree of difference in thickness. And of course thicker yarn means less length. I resisted the temptation to measure how much yarn was in the other ball 🙂 but I bet it’s less than stated, as all the balls weighed almost exactly 100g.

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  2. I haven’t used Stylecraft, and I’m moving away from acrylics for primarily ecological reasons, but I did have a similar problem with Bernat Pop! self-striping yarn. I bought a total of 11 cakes in Snow Queen (green, blue-green, white, purple, pink, blue), and *every single one* had the white go weird. Like, “this bit’s been melted so it’s thinner and looks shiny” kind of weird. One of them also had the same issue with the green; plasticky, shiny, thinner, like that stretch of yarn had gone through some sort of heat process that the rest hadn’t.

    I’d been thinking of switching to natural fibres for a while, but this yarn pushed me over the edge on that decision.

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    1. I can quite understand. Must have been extremely frustrating for you.The problem with natural fibres of course is that they are more expensive, sometimes many times more. Also when it comes to blanket it makes them heavier and I like the weight of acrylic blankets. I am researching alternatives at present.

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  3. My friend and I have both mentioned the discrepancy in stylecraft special dk yarn in the past. Some colours are definitely thinner than others so I’m sure it works the other way as well. I’ve wondered if it has something to do with the dye and how it reacts with the fibre because if you feel t shirts of same brand and design some colours feel different. I’ve noticed with this particular yarn that some colours are noticeably softer.

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    1. At first the yarn seemed very consistent; I am talking eight years ago here. I liked that it was soft and smooth with a slight sheen. I have a blanket, that I made then, near me and it still feels and looks the same. But in recent years I have found than it is often quite fluffy, sometime annoyingly so. The thinner green yarn I complained about was nicer to touch than the replacement one they sent me that was the better thickness. And they were both the same colour.

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  4. There was a lot about this when I was doing some Helen Shrimpton blankets. Some of the Yarns are now anti pill and it certainly made a difference with the feel of them. Perhaps the green is one of the new ones? It should say in small letters on the front of the label.

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