Half a pair of Socks and some Yarn

I have completed the first of my new socks and started the second. latest sock and yarn

As you can see I wound off quite a bit of yarn with an eye to having the socks match but it is always hard to judge and you can also see that they won’t quite manage it. Of course I could undo the second one now I know how much less is needed but I don’t feel like undoing the toe which requires so much more effort than the length.

Almost matching is also good!

I decided to make this pair longer than I used to, like my last pair. sock size comparisonThey will be good for the winter.

I am finding that even knitting is making my left wrist hurt so mixing it with crochet – easy crochet – is a good idea.

Making the succulents puts more of a strain on my wrists, with the tighter stitches and especially with the cotton yarn which slides less easily. So a blanket seemed so appealing, especially as I had a simple idea for one.

I have bought the yarn bag of yarnand made a start. Hope to show you in a few weeks time.

16 thoughts on “Half a pair of Socks and some Yarn

  1. Your Socks look amazing. I really like the colours of both.

    I am sorry that your wrist is still bothering you, I hope that it feels better soon!

    I CANT WAIT TO SEE THAT BLANKET! I love the colours and I am now feeling excited and inspired for it too! 😀

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    1. Thank you for thinking of me. I have some wrist support things somewhere but I suppose I assume if my wrists hurt they need a rest. Also the gloves say they are for rheumatoid arthritis and mine is old age osteoarthritis. If I treat my wrists gently for a while they do get better up to a point. But they always start hurting if I stress them too much, like chopping too many vegetable which is why I got a food processor.

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      1. The gentle pressure and support they give as well as the warmth is really effective. Mine is just the arthritis from wear and tear. I hope the switching around helps, I do that too.

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        1. Having given the matter much thought, I eventually bought some of the compression gloves. The fit very snuggly round my hand but are loose at the wrists, (I have relatively small wrists.) Is this how they are supposed to be? And when are you supposed to wear them. Just for crocheting or knitting? Also realised that since I was in hospital, all that time ago, I have forgotten to do my hand and wrist strengthening exercises so am going to go back to them,

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          1. Mine are normal fit on the wrist but gentle firm on the rest of the hands. I wear them on those days when hands just don’t want to be a part of me, including sewing and crochet. They’re really lovely in cold weather for around the house. I hope the exercises help too.

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