Monthly Montage – May

This month I shared the last succulent that I had made: as a gift this time. Then, with my wrists finding crochet a bit painful, I switched more to sewing and caught up with much delayed mending and completed a little more of the cross stitch bookmark.  Later in the month I decided to try making a couple of masks, since that is a popular need now. I was also working at perfecting my oatcake recipe and shared two batches with you. Monthly montageI always enjoy taking photographs and I created a post mainly concerned with the beauty of different sorts of leaf but I just had to chose the bee in a flower photograph from that post. I also chose an old photograph for a Silent Sunday post.

My post about my experiments with Mosaic Crochet was surprisingly popular and the number of views on my blog went up a lot, for over a week. (In fact I even had over one hundred and fifty views for it yesterday.) Finally I shared the socks I had started knitting when avoiding crochet and my discovery of a different, even the more normal, way of doing Crab Stitch.


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