What have I been up to lately?

What do you do when you are trying to avoid crochet? I say avoid because I do allow myself a little bit of crochet as I have an idea that I just want to try out but I can’t do much at a time before the discomfort comes back.

Well you knit yourself another pair of socks.

I was thinking that it was time that I used up my part balls in some way but when I looked in the drawer where I keep the sock yarn, I discovered two balls that I had bought because I had been told there was reduced price sock yarn going at my local hardware shop. So how could I resist!

One ball was red and black. (I think I had my daughter in mind.) The other ball was blues and browns, similar colour mix in some ways to my last pair. So I pulled the ball out and started knitting.

Here you can see the ball sock yarnand if we pull back the label you can see the original price. original price

And now that I come to write the post you can see how far I have got. sock to date

stitch comparison
Brown and green is the heel

I notice that when I transferred to straight needles for the short row heel, I knitted a bit more tightly. This is partly due to the fact that I use a no. 13 needle that is 2.25mm for the short row toes and heels and my circular needle is 2.5mm. Originally this gave a similar tension because I seemed to knit a little looser with a straight needle but I think I was so keen to pull the yarn for the wraps firmly, to keep everything tight and hole free that I over did it a bit.

But you it definitely worked well, though it is hard to show on a photograph till I can wear them.

I notice that the UK does not have a 2.5mm needle as the next size – 12 – is 2.75mm. So not sure if to change to a 12 or remember to relax a bit more in future with my 13s.

I notice that the patterning of these socks is similar in some ways to the last pair I made. previous socksA little less sophisticated and detailed maybe but definitely an attempt at the fair isle look. current sock

Even with the knitting, I find my hands start to hurt if I do a lot, but there’s no hurry, so I put it down if it seems necessary.

6 thoughts on “What have I been up to lately?

    1. I have heard that people have different shaped feet and some people find one style of sock fits them better than another. But there are so many other things one can make no point bothering with things that don’t please.


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