Leaves can be interesting too

Yesterday when I was out in my garden I noticed how interesting the leaves on my Lenten Rose were. Lenten Rose leavesI don’t think I have ever seen them so beautiful.

Nearby the leaves of the pulmonaria are also amazing. pulmonaria leavesThere seem to be two sorts.

A blotchy sort. blotchy leaf

and a spotty sort. spotty leafThe leaves of the fuchsia in a pot out the front are some of my favourites. fuchsia leavesSuch a lovely combination of green and red.

My golden sage is looking quite magnificent. sage bushJust look at these leaves. golden sage leaves

And because I can – here is my clematis this morning. Much bluer this year. clematisThough the camera didn’t think so! and I had to adjust.

Since it faces south east the flowers do fade rather but here is an almost perfect one. single flower

I also found a bee. Now nothing makes me so happy as sitting in my garden and listening to the bees buzzing as they visit the flowers.

bee in flowerEventually she found the heart of the flower. bee at centre of flowerBefore flying away.

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