How’s my Cross Stitch going?

I have been plugging away at the cross stitch bookmark kit I showed you. Only of course on sunny days.cross stitch bookmark kit

It has expensive instructions on how to approach it that I am trying to follow.

Seeing that you could buy strips with holes to keep the cotton lengths orderly. I punched some holes round the edge of a postcard and threaded the lengths of cotton through. cotton on card

I started with the border border done

Then moved on to the branch up the centre branch done

and have just finished the flowers. flowers done

There are two other small white areas where the birds will be but I am leaving them till I have done the birds as that will be easier.

My old eyes are really feeling the strain though. I have a large magnifying glass with a small extra magnification section and I am using this both for the chart and the actually stitches. I am beginning to find that after a dozen stitches I have to stop.

Once you have used a hole it is very hard to see it when you have to go through it again, for another stitch on the next row perhaps. I even had to remove a whole section I had done once as I didn’t feel it was done well enough. And that’s not to say what I have done is perfect – far from it!

This is 18 holes to the inch I think. I think I could manage it it was 10 stitches to the inch but I don’t think they even make that frequency these days.

Be good when it’s finished though and I do like bookmarks.

10 thoughts on “How’s my Cross Stitch going?

  1. Your bookmark looks lovely so far.. I know it will be a work of art when done. I had to give up needle art because I have neuropathy in my fingers. I drop the needle too often and prick my fingers leaving marks soo I have given it up.. I did enjoy the rhythm of doing the work though.. I do have a few Santa’s to finish but I have given most of my other kits away and most of my dmc floss.. I think I still have a few pillow cases with the ink patterns ( embroidery and not counted cross stitches) to do but I wonder if some one else will be blessed with them..

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    1. I am enjoying doing it in spite of my eyesight issues. I will use it as a bookmark occasionally when it is finished. (I have so many, I choose one each time I start a new book). My walls do not respond well to nails and screws so I have very little hung up.

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    1. You need that many holes for a bookmark like this and I was suckered in by the appeal of the design but I think I will try to resist doing another one. Though they did have other appealing designs available that I almost bought!

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