Succulents, a gift and some more yarn

The next succulent I went to make was the Blue Waves Agave.

The photographs of this were unusual in that under artificial light they appeared to be in black and white though, looking at them now in daylight, I can see the agave looks pale green. The photographs also  showed the yarn texture very clearly.

(Most of my knitting and crochet is done in the evening.)

The pattern was an interesting alternative to other agave that I had made as it was made in one piece.

When I had finished making it finished agaveI was surprised at how small it was. Probably the explanation for my thinking the texture seemed strange being the fact that the photographs were larger than life.

I then decided to look at the Erata to see if there was anything there, though I hadn’t had a problem with the pattern and had even worked out how I should have made the centre for the red one.

This actually made me very angry because I discovered that the one thing that was wrong with this pattern was the specified yarn.

Now I had gone through the book very carefully when I first bought it, decided the patterns I liked best and wrote out a list of the required yarns and decided which I would buy, since some of them were quite expensive and I didn’t want to spend too much.

I had bought this yarn: Scheepjes Catona in Kiwi, because it was needed for two patterns. The other being the Red Frills. crocheted red frills succulent

The yarn that should have been specified was a pale silver green colour. I had not cut the yarn and I am intending to undo it all, as it is the wrong colour, as confirmed when looking at photographs provided by Google.

The next agave I made

was made as a present for a friend. I decided to make a green one.

I decided to use the Romeo Wax Agave pattern as that was about the right size but the kiwi yarn was just not the right colour for that either. However I had some Stylecraft Clasique Cotton DK yarn that I had used for the Old Lady cactus crocheted Old Lady cactus which was about the right green. It was supposedly DK weight not 4ply but when stretched it seemed a similar thickness and using the same hook it came out only a little larger as you can see here. yarn comparison

The Green Wax Agaves seem to have red points on the large leaves so I decided to start each one with the red I had used as above.

And so I created this. finished Green agave

As you can see a similar size to the red one. crocheted green agavecrocheted red agave just a little bigger.

Of course a plant has to have a pot and so I found a normal brown plastic plant pot like I had used for the red one and made a cover for it. crocheted green agave in pot

No Duck tape this time as I had run out.

This has been sent winging on its way.

And now my new yarn

I am a bit frustrated at present as I cannot finish the top I was making for my daughter, because she had it to try on and cannot get it back to me so I can do the last round and sew in the ends. However I do rather like the top and fancied having one for myself but couldn’t resist the idea of making one in a rainbow colour way.

Now when I went to a talk on the History of Knitting I had seen a woman who was wearing a huge shawl that hung almost to the ground and was in rainbow colours. I just loved the look of the yarn so much I asked her where she got it and she said it came from Hobbi.

So I went to the Hobbi website and was rather spoilt for choice. It took me quite a while to decide (we are talking weeks here!) but in the end I just had to buy two cakes. One of them is 100% cotton and, having less length of yarn the the Schjeepes Whirl, I am hoping will be just the right amount to make a top like my daughter’s. However they also had a cotton/acrylic yarn that looked so delicious that I decided to buy it as well and am thinking of using it for a poncho version of “Lost in Time” shawl, ( as I find it hard to manage a shawl when I am moving around. However I am still dithering about whether to use that pattern or another one and having made all those succulents with a small hook my wrists are feeling the strain and I have banned myself from crochet till they recover. (Really hard at this present time as crochet was the one thing that was keeping me sane.) This was written a week ago and I am now able to allow myself a little gentle crochet which is a relief.

Two cakes of yarn2 cakes of yarn from HobbiI was also sent a free curved needle and a sweet!

What are you making at the moment? Do you find it helps you cope with this unusual situation?

13 thoughts on “Succulents, a gift and some more yarn

    1. Not sure when to start with the new yarn. Wish I could finish the top for my daughter and find out how much yarn it used. Think she might come down as soon as we are allowed to travel out of our area. I think she would like the top finished and able to be worn.


    1. My daughter’s top was Scheepjes Whirl. It will be interested to compare these Cotton Kings yarns. The 100% cotton one is not twisted, you are supposed to thread it threw a bead to keep it together. Will be interesting to see if that makes crocheting it difficult. I like the way they combine adjacent colours together though. gives a nice effect.

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      1. I have been crocheting with a 3 ply yarn that is not twisted from Junaluna, and it is tricky, I often miss a thread and have to go back and do it again. It is in lovely soft colours and I like the effect but, I’m not sure I’d choose it again.
        I’m not sure whether a bead would help or not, beacuse it would be very far from the bit of yarn you were working on with your hook. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I suppose the bead would stop the yarn getting into a tangled mess near where you were working. I can just see it doing that for me. 🙂 I am not sure when to start using the yarn. I wanted to start with the acrylic and cotton mix and make the same top I made for my daughter as I have notes and we are about the same size. But I wanted to weigh hers first which I can’t do until she is allowed to travel out of her area and I ge to finish it. So should I start with the cotton yarn that is probably trickier? Mmm.

          Liked by 1 person

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