Oatcakes revisited

First an update on the first batch. The flavour improved with keeping which was good.

Today I decided to try to make another batch but this time I would use the grinder than came with my new blender instead of the food processor to grind the oats.

I was amazed. Where the food processor had taken ages to reduce the oats even a little, the grinder set on speed 3 (there are 4 speeds) took only 10 secs to produce a fairly fine powder with just enough grittiness to hopefully make things interesting. ground oats

No bicarbonate of soda this time but I did add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

I decided to heat up 150ml of water this time and poured about 100ml into the melted butter butter and waterbecause I thought it might mix in more easily that way. I added more (but not all of the water) as I mixed.

The dough felt much easier to handle.

The recipe said to roll to 1/8 inch or 3mm. When I cut out the first one I realised that it was more like 5mm thick and decided that the easiest thing to do would be, not to roll the dough any more but to cut the oatcakes out and then roll them a little before putting on the ungreased baking tray. rolled dough

I got ten rounds out of the first rolling. Bringing the remains together sufficiently to roll out again was a little tricky, so I added a little more of the water. I cut out three rounds this time and decided for the third rolling to just try to create a rough circle and cut it in four, which I did. (For reference there was just a little water left at the end.)oatcakes ready

200 deg C for 15 mins the recipe said and, in the event, that seemed about right. I also decided to cook the ones I had frozen from the last batch. I thought these would take longer but in fact they had the same time and turned out browner. They were on the bottom shelf though so that may have affected things. With this oven I am in the happy position of having a top oven shelf that fits in the main oven and so can use three shelves at once when baking. cooked oatcakes

Now the taste test!

Well I can report the taste delicious. Crisp without being hard. Quite moreish really. So that’s a win. Must make more in future.

8 thoughts on “Oatcakes revisited

        1. Yes if they were sweet, I would have expected them to be called biscuits or maybe more accurately cookies. I believe that technically biscuit means twice cooked and thus should only apply to things that are. I don’t know if shop biscuits are twice cooked though.

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