Monthly Montage – April

With all the extras posts I’ve been doing it has been hard to choose photographs to include in this month’s montage because I normally aim to include at least one photograph from each post.

I did consider leaving out the cooking I have shared but in the end decided to include it and chose just the flowers photographs that meant the most. So that meant the excitement of the first visible buds on the apple tree and the open blossom I shared on Easter Sunday, together with the heart of the first rose and one of the now numerous buds on my little patio rose bush.

April montageThis is all the succulents I wrote posts about this month and of course my angels that featured in three posts. Finally the oat cakes where I shared the making of them and the hot cross buns I made this year that I thought looked quite respectable. No knitting though.

7 thoughts on “Monthly Montage – April

    1. Window cleaning! What’s window cleaning? I haven’t had a window cleaner for years and I must admit there is only so much the rain can do. Do keep thinking I ought to clean at least the glass on the patio door. 🙂

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