More from the Garden

This is mainly about clematis and they were taken a few days ago when it was still sunny.

There is more of the Lemon Dream they are so dainty 2 lemon dream flowersand here they are seen from below.seen from underneath

At the other end of the garden my Diana’s Delight clematis has started to flower. 3 clematis flowersInterestingly they have different numbers of petals.

Here is one with six petals six petals

and this one has eight. eight petals

I also took a photograph of my lily-of-the-valley, that is always hard to do justice to. lily-of-the-valley

I even brought a few indoors.

Lastly I love the shape of rose buds and I chose this one. rose bud

You may have noticed that I enjoy using the vignette option in my photograph program.

So I created this that I thought might work well for a birthday card. vignette for card

Experimenting a bit more I created this other vignetteand removing just the central part central part of vignetteyou get a picture with a misty surround.

5 thoughts on “More from the Garden

  1. Such a pretty garden. I know you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.. I am not much of a picture taker., so I can’t share but I do enjoy seeing yours.

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