Angel Pattern Giveaway

I have now completed my angel crochet pattern. It will be put up for sale on Ravelry but I thought that before I did that I would offer ten copies of the pattern for free.

If you would like a copy of the pattern all you have to do is comment below and this is important say why you would like the pattern and whether you want it in UK or US crochet terms .

If more than ten people apply, I will draw the names out of a hat as normal.

For people who are successful, I will send the pattern to the email address associated with their comment unless they ask me to do otherwise. Obviously the pattern is for your personal use only.

Closing date 15th May 2020

As well as the above, I will give a free copy of the pattern to any of the four people who commented on my original post “Why am I making Angels in April?” if they comment below that they would like a copy, also saying, of course, whether they want a UK or US crochet terms version.

Here is the photograph of the two angels as found in the pattern.

two crochet angels

Of course you could choose to add arms to the all white angel if you prefer, or white wings to the coloured angel, or use any colours you like.


Unfortunately I haven’t got any silver yarn at present and of course can’t go out and buy some. Postage would cost as much as the yarn I suspect if I bought some online.

I designed the angels assuming you would just see them from the front but here is a view from the back.

crochet angels back view

30 thoughts on “Angel Pattern Giveaway

  1. I donโ€™t crochet, but I would love the knitted pattern for the Angels in the U.S. form!
    I collect angels & have been looking for a nice knitted pattern for them….your knitted angels are so lovely!

    Thank you for any help you are able to provide!


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  2. Hi – I would love a copy of your pattern as I think in these strange +difficult times it’s nice to think about hopefully happier times and crocheting these angels for Christmas would be an ideal way to do it. I would prefer UK terms. Thank you +keep well. Best wishes.

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    1. I agree that angels can bring joy all the year round. Perhaps you didn’t realise but using capital letters when commenting on the internet is considered to be the equivalent of shouting and is strongly discouraged!


  3. I would love a crochet pattern of the Angels in U.S. Terms. I would like it because it would be special to have something made out of yarn for my Christmas Display. I set myself the goal of knitting a nativity scene like my gran used to do before she passed away but it has been taking me so long as I am not very good at knitting little ornaments. This is the scene and it doesn’t have an angel with it.

    It would also be special to make this beautiful crochet angel that you have designed because I feel like I was along with you for the designing ride as you shared your process with us.


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          1. Yes, for the entire of my life my grandmother knit them and sold the sets and donated the proceeds to a lepracy charity. She is well known for knitting them by all the people who knew her. I wish that she was still alive so that I could ask her how many sets the knit. By the time I was old enough to understand knitting she knit the entire pattern by heart.

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  4. Hurray! I am one of the 4 who commented on your previous post!
    I would love a pattern, in US terms please.
    I would like the pattern because, as I think you know, I have 8 grandchildren and every year I make them each a Christmas decoration. A couple of years ago I made your snowflakes for them and so now it would be lovely to make them angels.
    How wonderfully generous of you Jane, I know how long it takes to get a pattern together. Thank You!

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    1. I must admit this pattern did take rather a long time Longer than the knitted version!! of course you will get a version when it is finalised. I need to check the US version has turned out alright after I did a ‘Find and Replace’ on the original.

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  5. What size are the angels? They look like they would make nice Christmas ornament gifts, maybe hang a jingle bell in the center. Or package ornament on baby gifts (guardian angels). Would they fit inside a clear plastic ornament? US instructions please, if you send UK instructions make sure that it is marked as UK and I’ll make the adjustments. (I have a few Australian friends, and a son in the UK, so I understand the difference in stitch notations).

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    1. The angels are about 9cm high (bit less than 4 inches) and about 6cm wide. I mostly make my patterns with two versions as it is always easier to work from a pattern in the terms you are used to.


  6. Yes please, if Iโ€™m not too late! I would love to add angels to crochet at Christmas with the stars I just found ๐Ÿ‘Œ did some snowflakes last year so this would be great. US terms.

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  7. I would love to receive a pattern in US terms. This would be a great project for church, especially for this Christmas. Thank you for your consideration.

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