Making Oatcakes

Not sure how easy it would be to get my favourite sort of oatcakes and having plenty of oats I decided to try and make my own.

I actually made them at the same time as I made the Hot Cross Buns as they needed the same temperature for about the same amount of time.

I took the photographs thinking I could do a recipe post some time; not sure trying to take photographs while cooking is good for cameras though but it survived.

I had found a couple of recipes previously and written down the quantities. Both recipes were similar so I used them to make the following.

I weighed out 8oz of oats (I have a balance scales – great for weighing yarn – but I rarely use the metric weights for food.)


I then put half of them in the food processoroats in food processor

and wizzed them for a little bit.

Here you can see both lots of oats together. both lots of oats

Now as an aside. I think next time I might try using the grinder (forgot I had one!) and maybe even do all the oats.

I added a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of  bicarbonate of soda as per one of the recipes. However having now tasted the oatcakes I suspect that the flavour in them I don’t like very much is down to the bicarb so I would leave it out next time. [The other recipe said half a teaspoon of  baking powder and half a teaspoon of  salt]. Really not sure if raising agents are necessary.

I melted 1oz of butter in a tiny bowl I have melted butterand added to the oat mixture. butter added to oats

Then I had to add some water. The recipes give different amounts of hot water to add. So I added the lesser amount (six tablespoons) mixed it all up as well as I could and rolled the resulting mixture out on the work top. [Other recipe said 150ml which is about 10 tablespoons.]

first rolling

I cut out a few oatcakes but It was a bit hard to handle, so it went back in the bowl and more water was added. This time I think I added a little too much and so used a little flour to soak up some of the water while rolling it out again. second rolling

I cut out more oatcakes.

Here you can see ones from the first and second attempt. first trayfulThe first four (counting from left to right and top to bottom) are from the first rolling and the last four from the second. (Can’t remember about the middle one!)

The second sheetful followed and looked better. second trayfulThey were cooked at 200 deg F for about 12 minutes.

cooked oat cakes

As you can see the first ones I cut out (on the right) were a bit crumbly but the last seven didn’t look too bad.

Next time: no bicarb and more hot water but not too much.

Having read that you could freeze them uncooked, to cook later. I put the last two and the remainder in a freezer bag,oat cakes ready for freezingput them in the freezer, and will cook them later and see what happens.

9 thoughts on “Making Oatcakes

    1. My granddaughter gave me the recipe for peanut butter cookies and they are very yummy! No the oatcakes didn’t taste better than the shop bought ones, I have yet to perfect the recipe. Proper oatmeal of course might help. 🙂


  1. Sounds tasty. I had a craving for cookies the other day and made oatmeal cookies. Were tasty but again the recipe needs perfecting


  2. These look great! I love oatcakes. I have a recipe from my mom, as she used to make them as healthy snacks for my sister and I as children. You can also add different herbs and things to jazz them up a bit. My recipe uses oatmeal so yeah I would grind up all the oats if it were me. 🙂

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