A Little Mouse’s tale.

The next succulent I decided to try was called Little Mouse.

It is made from these two yarns held together: Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm.

And I still have this much left two yarnsand weighing it on my kitchen balance scales I can’t even calculate how much it took, it is so little.

Foolishly, as someone who crochets fairly tightly, I chose to use the recommended size of hook and found the stitches hard to see and even harder to undo. Eventually, having got this far; abandoned circleI had to give up and use a larger hook. This meant that things went much better and I soon completed my little mouse. little mouse succulent

Very small as you can see.

But then, what should happen but my Old Lady Cactus decided to flower. flowering old lady cactus

And of course Little Mouse, not to be outdone, decided to flower too. flowering little mouse

She does look so much more interesting with a flower. But it’s really remarkable because she is living off air, not having any soil to draw on!

My first attempt at a flower was this. little mouse with original flower

But I thought I could do better and get closer to what the real flowers look like.

Such as this. https://www.cactuspro.com/photos/Cactaceae/Rebutia/muscula/1089.html

12 thoughts on “A Little Mouse’s tale.

    1. Yes when I saw photos of the real thing I was amazed at how relatively big the flowers were and thought they made the cactus much more interesting. I do spend a lot of time trying to make my crochet plants as close as I can to real ones!


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