My Good Friday Garden.

My view of the garden when I sit in the corner behind the apple tree!

garden view

The blossom is beginning to open.
apple blossom opening

And a smaller ‘arty’ version. altered photo

Which do you prefer?

The rose I showed you as a bud rose bud

Has opened open rose

And look closer heart of a rose

And indoors some daisies from flowers my son bought me. three daisies

6 thoughts on “My Good Friday Garden.

  1. I can almost smell all of these lovely flowers. How exciting for you. My allergies keep me from going and really looking at the flowers in bloom.. I enjoy them from a distance so that I can breath later in the day. lol. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. I am so glad you shared the close ups. and I think I like the first picture of the blossom from the apple tree.

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    1. Thank you. My husband and children suffered from hay fever but luckily I don’t but many flowers don’t have scent and are just as beautiful from a distance though I love taking close up photos and looking at the finer details of flowers.


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