Angel Update

Thank you to everyone who commented on my earlier post.

Taking into account all that was said I have now finalised a fancy and a plainer angel that I am happier with.

Here they are compared with the knitted ones. knitted and crochet angels

I didn’t have any silver yarn left but I had some gold which seemed quite suitable to accompany cream yarn.

Obviously you could have a plain angel with a fancy skirt and the arms and the enhanced wings are optional.

The angel heights are perhaps more similar than they appear in that photograph. I had been giving the new plain angel more of a waist which reduced its height. But you can see it can be taller.  plain angels

And the angel with arms can be made to have that ballooned out skirt look like the knitted one. angels with extras

With the kitted one it is down to weight and they are harder to get to stand up; the crochet ones are much easier to pose.

With my earlier angels either the pattern had enough definition but wasn’t lacy enough or it was lacy but the definition wasn’t clear. I hope that I have struck the right balance here with the angel above. I also introduced the ribbed effect for the upper body.and this can be used to create more or less definition at the waist.

Now all I have to do is to write up the pattern and make some in white yarn but there is plenty of time for that.

I have also been working on my succulents and made one that took a long time and was a bit fiddly. I will share this with you too later.

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