Why am I making Angels in April?

No! it has nothing to do with the fact that angels are mention in some of the resurrection stories. They are Christmas Angels. (Am I allowed to mention the C word (not that C word!) so far before the event?

Well the reason is this. I received a message on Ravelry saying “Yours are some of the prettiest angels I have found! I wish they were crocheted. Gorgeous!” Well I took this as a challenge and set out to see if I could produce some similar angels in crochet.

Here is a picture of my knitted angels.

The pattern for these was produced very quickly see here – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/unexpectedly-an-angel-pattern/  but somehow the crochet version has been more of a struggle. But Hey! it keeps me out of mischief. Stops me thinking about that other C word.

I didn’t have much DK white yarn but I found that I had a large ball of cream left from the Sacred Space blanket so decided to use that for my experiments.

I decided to start with a plain one and produced this. first angel

Now you have to understand that none of these angels that I am sharing with you is the finished article, they are only steps upon the way and I was changing different things as I went along.

Next I decided to try a lacy skirt. The first two I made got ripped out and the yarn reused.

However when I had made this one  second angelit seemed worth keeping so I completed the whole angel. A bit short perhaps!

Next I made this one.third angel

I liked the tapering shape, though the pattern is one that drifts round so a final pattern would have to be carefully designed.

I tried a couple of other even more lacy ones that at least keep a nice straight seam up the back.

This fourth angel

and this. fifith angel

I then went back to the wings. (no photo as they just weren’t right!)

Not sure why I made such a meal of creating the wings as I wanted them. I put it down to watching TV at the same time and not getting the counting right. It was only when I sat down at my desk and used Corel Draw to rough out a pattern of the stitches (a suitable piece of paper not being closely to hand) that I worked out the basic pattern.

Lastly I decided to see if making a crochet version of the arm and hand in my knitted angels would work. I was getting low on the cream yarn now but found some other cream yarn in my stash plus some flesh coloured, so I made one arm and pinned it to angel three plus my latest pair of wings. angel with one arm

But here is my angel choir, the two that I am less likely to use without wings. (I am running a bit low now on the cream!) angel choir

None of the wings in the angel photos is the final article. However it is amazing what you can do when you have a proper written pattern with stitch counts plus total concentration and a good light. angel wings

Any comments on the angels and which ones you prefer would be gratefully received. Second opinions are always useful.

10 thoughts on “Why am I making Angels in April?

    1. The torso is partly an illusion and partly the effect of the weight of the arms making the skirt give and balloon out. I tended to prefer a smoother line for the angel without arms but I have another idea or two for the skirt part and then I will be making ones with colour and arms and will bear your thought in mind.

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  1. I think they are utterly charming, and my absolute favourite is the one on the far left. I see on Facebook that people like to use a cadbury’s egg or a chocolate orange under the skirt of things- just saying for the commercial side of things. I’m very impressed at your skill.

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    1. Thanks for you comment. Going out to the garden to work on trying out a different lacy design but of course general shape is important too. From a commercial point of view I see them as an addition to my pattern sales, probably just a plain one and a lacy one with addition of colour and arms as an option. If people want to add an egg that would be up to them. 😉


  2. So amazing to see someone else’s creative process of designing! I really like the one which is 2nd from the right and the one which is most right. So the last 2 I guess. 😀 They look like they’d be fun to crochet.

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    1. Just realised something happened to my reply to you. Thank you for your opinion. I think I have now found a design that gives me the shape of the rightmost one with a lacy skirt which is a combination of the two you mention.


  3. Oh I am so late to this party! Yours are certainly the prettiest angels I have found still!! (And I have been looking for the past two months at patterns and more patterns!!) Thank you so much for being inspired by my comment!! 🙂 I got goosebumps reading your post just now! You are so awesome! ❤


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