Monthly Montage – March

This montage was created before the weekend, so it doesn’t include the rainbow I made or my garden flowers. I thought of redoing it but, with the extra posts I have created this month, I was already finding it hard to include all I wanted so they will have to be included in April’s montage.

I managed quite a lot of making and quite a few posts this month. The making included both knitting and crochet and I even took some photographs.

March montage

As you can see the crochet ranged from small – a beer mat, through a little bigger – a dish cloth and some succulents, to large – the completed Sacred Space CAL blanket. This meant I had lots of photographs to choose from. I added in a closer view of the String of Pearls succulent as I think it is the one closest to nature.

Knitting centered on my socks, both finishing them and sharing a tutorial on how to avoid holes when making short row heels.

Photography only posts have been rare lately, but this month I posted photographs of a display concerning the anniversary of the Mayflower setting off from Southampton for Textile Tuesday, another which included photographs I had of my Mexican Hat plants and the best one, from a photographic point of view, showing my primroses.


The one post I have not included was where I showed some views of my paving as originally laid and after a wet winter. With the sunny dry weather I have started cleaning it up. Maybe completed about a third.

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