The Joy of a Garden

Especially at a time like this.

I have been watching my apple tree these last few days. apple treeEvery day the buds get bigger. I look forward to the blossom and then hopefully apples!

There is so much to see in the garden just now, even if mine is very small.

There are traces of the earliest flowers. Spring flowers

And more and more flowers on my Daphne. DaphneThe only disappointment being that I had expected more fragrance.

My Lenten Roses have come forth in abundance. Lenten Roses

I showed you my primroses that are growing in profusion, but the violets that I obtained at the same time are showing, if minutely. violet

The first forget-me-nots are in evidence. forget-me-nots

There is a ladybird resting on the sage ladybird on sage

and a first bud on the rose bush. rose bud

There is also the hum of bees though I didn’t manage to capture one.




13 thoughts on “The Joy of a Garden

    1. And three little greenfly! The moisture on the leaves is aphid stickyness not raindrops. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 my brother recommended it. It was superseded by the LX7 and I am not quite sure what the current equivalent is.


  1. The garden is such a comfort at these times, seeing the colours, and watching nature awaken. I have seen bees and butterflies now and we have the frogs in full throttle, but yours is the first ladybird

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