I used to have Real Indoor Plants!

Having been home for almost two weeks with a cold that I didn’t want to pass on to anyone else at this tricky time, I am beginning to feel a bit lonely, so I may be writing posts on my blog more often, since talking to my blog seems a bit better than talking to myself.

I have never been someone who could be said to have Green Fingers, in fact I used to categorise them as “Brown and Crinkly”.

However in spite of this I have always managed to keep some plants going, indoors and out.

In my previous house having acquired a spider plant I managed to keep at least one of them on the go for a long time and they were easy to propagate.

When my younger daughter was six she brought home a Mexican Hat plant in a small white plastic cup. This was potted up and, for what I think must be at least the next thirty years, there was always a Mexican Hat plant on the kitchen window sill. baby Mexican hat plants

They would grow slowly and after, I think, a couple of years they would grow really tall and need to be supported with a bamboo. full grown Mexican hat plantThen they would flower and finally collapse.

But of course there were always many many babies to carry on. Sometimes several pots worth. I would then choose the best two or three for the big pot.

It is a really poor photograph but can you see how new baby plantlets grow on the edge of the leaves. leaf

The photographs were ones taken after I moved to my present house.

You can also see in the photograph a begonia that I managed to propagate from a piece broken from a plant at work. Interestingly, at work the flowers were white but when planted by me they became pink with a reddish tinge to the leaves as well. This was re-potted and propagated for many years.

Since living in this house, a friend bought me a Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) and this was divided and re-potted several times, until it became too onerous.

As I have grown older the business of re-potting plants has become more and more of a burden until I finally decided to give up and only have crocheted ones.

So my crochet cactus crochet cactus

African Violets crochet African violets

Which I could never keep in flower for long in real life.

And orchids. crochet orchids

The one plant that I would have liked to keep was my Christmas Cactus, that gave me so much pleasure in the depths of every winter. Christmas cactusUnfortunately a couple of years ago it got that it needed re-potting or indeed restarting from a tiny piece as it was too big for the window sill. But I think that was about the time I had cancer and by the time I had the energy to deal with it, it was dead.

I did have a prolific ordinary cactus that flowered once or twice. cactus flower

Cactus flowers are so beautiful and delicate. But that too had to go in the end.

Hence my desire to create some more crochet plants for my Kitchen windowsill and, who knows, maybe elsewhere as well.

I do have some knitted roses in the sitting room. knitted roses

Do you have house plants and what do you think of having artificial instead?

10 thoughts on “I used to have Real Indoor Plants!

    1. Yes bugs can be a problem I remember a time when my plants got covered in stickyness and I had to get rid of them. The advantage of crocheted ones is that you can have ones you failed at growing. Like me and African Violets.


  1. I love all your plants real and wooly! Indoor plants are great but they can be a surprising amount of work and I guess it’s easy to forget they have lifecycles and lifespans too. Sending some good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery and I hope that blog turns out to be a good way of feeling a bit less lonely. I always look forward to your posts and seeing your work as I think we have similar taste in colour palettes!

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    1. I am feeling much better from my cold though finding lack of the odd social outing disorienting. And I am an introvert! Getting on with working on the succulents though and a post on sock knitting planned for Monday.

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  2. This is so lovely. I really like seeing how the little plants grew off the edge of the leaf.

    I have a plan for a crochet plant but I still haven’t gotten around to it. I have 4 little cacti and an orchid that sit on my window sill but that is it. I don’t like other indoor plants because I am afriad of bugs. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is quite an amazing thing to see. I am afraid I didn’t have a good picture of the leaf that was a rather dead one. On a good leaf the babies are growing on every point and they even develop little roots before they fall off.


  3. I have quite a few indoor plants and many succulents that are in/out plants and even a couple of plastic one for where real ones struggle. Just the presence of the green and assumption of plant life is uplifting.

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