My Latest Crochet Project

Having seen this book review by Eleonora of Coastal Crochet –

Ccocheted Succulents book

I decided to buy the book and make it my next big crochet project. Looking on line I found that I could buy the book at my local John Lewis so I popped down town to pick up a copy. The on-line price had been good but when I got to pay, the guy at the till saw that the price printed on the bar-coded label on the book was actually about 50p cheaper, so I really feel that I got a bargain.

Lately I have been trying to buy wool from local shops where I can, especially when it is just odd balls. However by the time I sat down to think about buying the yarn recommended in the book, I was suffering with a cold and staying in, so I decided that I would have to buy on-line.

In the end I found I had to buy from two different places.

My most frequent go to place is Wool Warehouse and I was able to buy the following yarns there. yarn from Wool Warehouse

By also buying the outstanding Clover Armour hook that I had felt was missing I managed to avoid the postage which is always good. The red yarn above is not the one suggested in the book because that was not available at present. However the author said that she had chosen a brighter colour than was true to nature so I am probably happier with this, as I always like to create things as close to nature as possible.

The other yarns that I felt I needed were bough from a new place to me called ‘My Yarnery’. yarn from My Yarnery

Quite a big spend really, more than for most blankets, but hours of fun ahead.

I also have these balls of yarn in my stash stash yarnthat I can probably use where acrylic yarn is called for.

Still feeling a bit below par so haven’t started yet. Instead I have been finishing my much neglected knitted cardigan. I have finished the knitting and just have the sewing up to do. But then you know how I love sewing! I also am not sure I have any suitable buttons but will show off the finished item when I can.

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