A little present and some new socks

I wanted to make something to give my son-in-law as part of his birthday present. He belongs to CAMRA the real ale organisation,  it’s one of his main hobbies, and I found a beer themed card, so I decided to make a crochet beermat.

I didn’t have any beer coloured cotton yarn but I went to John Lewis (other yarn suppiers are available!) and found this. cotton yarnfor 99p.

I had white and grey already so I got out my new book to look for a suitable texture. crochet stitches book

I found one called “Moss”, though it doesn’t suggest moss to me, but it gave an interesting texture that suggested the surface of some beer glasses and maybe bubbles so I thought it would do.

I made this. finished beermat

The handle is a bit nominal because it is a beermat after all.

I threaded the end up the back of the handle from both end to make it a bit stiffer. yarn through back of handleHere is mat and card together. card and beermatI hope he likes it.

And I have finally finished my latest pair of socks. latest socks

Being a little longer than I normally make them, they are lovely and warm. socks from the front

And they match. socks from above

I like the anarchy of having socks that don’t match but when making socks with these clever yarns it is also nice to face up to the challenge of getting them to match. I am especially pleased with these.

4 thoughts on “A little present and some new socks

    1. There’s really nothing like hand made socks. Knitted ones are more comfy than crochet ones in my opinion. They are soft, can be made to fit your feet and wear very well. Plain stocking stitch ones are very soothing to make and some of these self patterning yarns are just amazing.

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