Another Project (but not as exciting as the blanket!)

it’s a Dishcloth new dishclothNow this is the third dishcloth I have made in this cotton. Do you notice the interesting way the colours have arranged themselves. Maybe a good yarn for colour pooling.

The first dishcloth I showed you was this one. first this style discloth

Later I made a similar but larger one. second this style discloth

Now with the latest one I was going to do two rows of edging like the one above but the cotton spontaneously broke at the end of the first edging row so I decided I would stop there.

The latest dishcloth was made with a 4.5mm hook and uses 40 trebles per row for 20 rows. It took up just over half of the ball but I have cotton left from the earlier one. leftover yarnso I am sure that I could make another one using a bit of both.

They look so pretty don’t they when they are new? And they do absorb water and wring out better than ones made with standard dishcloth cotton.

However with time if you bleach them they lose all that lovely colour and if you don’t bleach them often enough, though you do throw them in the washing machine with the towels, they end up like this. old disgusting dishclothWith it going in holes I had to revert to an even earlier dishcloth I made.

earlier dishcloth from dishcloth cottonThough it doesn’t look quite that good now. Not as brown as the latest one, only a bit grey I must have kept up bleaching it more regularly or ate less curry and drank less tea!

I even realised I still had the remains of the small one. remains of first new style disclothThough I really don’t know why I kept it.

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