Too much rain isn’t good for paving!

This morning I went out in the rain for a walk round Southampton Common, delighting in the joys of nature and regretting that it is not possible to take photographs in the rain.

I came home, opened the curtains across the patio door and looked out to see wet paving that looked so awful underneath the water.

This photograph was taken from upstairs. general view of some paving

Do you remember how my paving looked when it was first laid.paving when newly laid

So beautiful and new that sitting out there it felt unnervingly like being inside rather than outside.

Well obviously it has become more like ‘outside’ in the several years since. However each Spring/early Summer I have been out there and cleaned it up with water and a scrubbing brush and sponges and just had to remove a small amount of dirt deposited by the rain, maybe a little green at the edges, but this year the paving has already began to look really dreadful. We have had so much more rain this year than normal.

What you see in the photograph at the top was not the worst of it!

Then I remembered how a few weeks ago I had decided to take advantage of all this freely provided water and go out with my sponge and clean off what I could, as an experiment.

And yes the step that I had cleaned still looked a lot better. cleaned step(A bit hard to see with the reflection I know. The step I cleaned is the intermediate level.)

So although it was still raining gently I went out with a clean bucket of water (to rinse off the sponge – not going to stay clean for long!) and a sponge and later my scrubbing brush and had a go at the worst of it which was round the flower bed where the Fuchsia had overhung the paving. paving round fuchsia flower bedNeeds more work but it’s a start.

Did a bit more round another flower bed. paving near other flower bed

When I give the paving it’s annual clean I do about ten to twenty slabs at a time. If this rain continues maybe I should make a point of doing a few each day.

As well as the dirt there is mossmoss between slabsbut not everywhere thank goodness.

And could this be lichen? lichen?

Now I like lichen when it is growing in interesting shapes on dead trees but not so much on my beautiful paving. I know I had a lot on the old paving. old paving showing lichenbut I would rather keep it to a minimum on the new.

So what do you think? Am I wrong to want it all clean and shiny or should I let nature take over?

10 thoughts on “Too much rain isn’t good for paving!

  1. This post reminded me of my Grandma. I used to earn some extra pocket money by pressure washing the paving slabs in her back garden. It was so satisfying to see the clean slabs appearing under the spray, and I do think they look nicer all cleaned up.

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    1. I have avoided the idea of a pressure washer in case it damages to grout between the slabs but it is a quicker method. Clean slabs are safer too of course. I noticed this morning they are becoming a bit slippery


  2. You don’t want slippery slabs, but I think it looks rather nice with a slightly lived-in look. And the moss is awesome!!! As for too much rain – SEND OVER ALL YOU DON’T NEED, please, immediately – we are drying up here 😦

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    1. I worry about the moss in case it damages the grout between the slabs and I start to get weeds growing like I had with the old paving. You would be very welcome to the rain if I knew how to send it. It’s so sad that some places get too much rain and other’s not enough. UK has had really bad floods in places though not here thankfully.

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  3. We sectioned off the the garden with trellis to keep the dogs down on the hard standing next to the house over the winter. It keeps the mud to a minimum, saves the lawn and it’s easier to find the No 2’s. The No 1’s can leave the tarmac green though so we use a bio washing powder to help keep it down. Perhaps look into using some on your slabs too.

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      1. Just be careful. I’ve already had one fall this week from a slippery stone further up the garden. Only bruised bum and ego thankfully! Sorry about double post too, one from phone. 🙄


    1. I think you may have had even more rain up north this year. When I bought the paving I certainly had it;s slip resistance in mind as I sometimes have to go out and bring in the washing when it has started to rain. Any extra hazards on the surface would not be good.


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