Sacred Space part 8

I did finally manage to finish part 8 later on Monday and, although the weather was atrocious and the light levels very low, I managed to get an acceptable photograph so I could continue with part 9 that evening.

The reason I had not managed to finish it sooner was the last but one round. I was concentrating on not missing any stitches along the sides but not sufficiently checking that I was getting the tricky corner stitches correct.

Theses are how they ought to look.

problem stitches

One of the things that I wondered as I worked on the eighth part was “are the corners becoming too exciting?” colourful corners

I was following the rules I had set myself for interpreting the colours for the different stitches, but wondered if I was getting too much red and pink. However Part 9 won’t have any red or pink and I think I will like the finished look.

So this is how the whole blanket looks now. up to the end of part 8

The edging would make quite a nice border had I wanted to stop here and indeed I thought the same of the last row of scallops for part 7.

up to the end of part 7

Part 9 looks quite boring but after the ‘exciting’ corners of part 8. I hope it will just finish it off nicely. Not sure when that will be though. Tuesday evening my hands started hurting. I may have to go slow.

10 thoughts on “Sacred Space part 8

    1. Yes. I didn’t do any crochet yesterday. I had hoped to finish it for next Monday but I don’t think that will happen now. Not sure that I have anything else to post about though. But maybe my monthly montage!


  1. It is looking lovely.. please go slow and don’t hurt your hands.. You will go bonkers if you have to stop doing your crafts . I am having some issues with stiffness, so I have to watch what I am doing.. So far haven’t seemed to have too much numbness in my fingers .. Someday I do hope to finish the forever scarf. I get tired of it and have to do other small things in between…

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    1. You are right. I didn’t do any blanket yesterday. Having a blog does push me to do more than I might. Scarves can seem to take ages and get a bit boring. Small things can be more fun. I am sure you will finish the scarf some day.


  2. I broke my wrist back in May (not the dominant hand, but you know we use both hands), so I’m never sure when it starts hurting, if I’m doing too much, or something’s not healing and I’m going to have to learn with it.

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    1. Always important to take care of your hands. A break may have given rise to some mild arthritis. I have occasional twinges in my hip ever since I broke my pelvis. Still using your joints is always important.


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