The Joy of Selling Patterns

I had hoped to be able to show you part 8 of the Sacred Space CAL today but due to making a few mistakes I am not quite there so I thought I would write this instead.

Now the little bit of money I make selling patterns is nice and allows me to not feel I’m being extravagant with certain purchases. As I see each pattern sale, I also like the feeling that I have something to offer the world even though I am now retired. However the thing that gives me the most joy is to see what other people make of my patterns. I can do this through Ravelry where people have documented their projects but it also gives me an especial joy when someone sends me a photograph of what they have made and allows me to share it.

Here is a version of my Cross Bookmark pattern made in Jute, so of course it is much larger than a bookmark. It has also been made with shorter arms. Other people have seen the shorter arms as a way to make a smaller version without using thinner thread. Cross pattern made in juteAngela sent this photograph to me from Germany.

I am always unhappy when I find that someone has taken my photographs or patterns and put them up somewhere else on the internet but I am happy when someone uses my pattern and adapts it into what they want to make as that is what I do with other people’s patterns. It is great to share creativity but not to plagiarise people’s hard work.

The Cross Bookmark is second only to my Celtic Coasters in popularity.

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