A sock, a finalised phone closure and another project!

I have finished the first sock and started the second. Finished sock and start of second one

Here I am wearing it. wearing sock

I might have made it longer, because I so like this yarn and the effect it produces, except for these three reasons.

  1. If I made it longer I would probably have had to start increasing the number of stitches and I wasn’t exactly sure how to do this. (50g was unlikely to reach my knee anyway.)
  2. I liked having the thicker brown band just under the rib.
  3. Stopping the rib a little earlier than I might have done has enabled me to make both socks near enough the same; I think.

Unless I forget to take the photographs, I have a post planned to explain how to avoid getting problem holes when making standard short row heels when I have finished the other sock.

Now my phone closure

I showed you my initial idea. original phone tiesWell I found that not only were these ties too short but they tended to get in the way on an everyday basis when I don’t need them. So I cut them off and did the following.

I made a small chain loop at the front. chain loop added

Made a longish chain and threaded it under one of the stitches a few rows from the top at the back of the case. chain cord threaded through

I tied knots at the end of the chain as you can see if you look closely. knot at end

So it was easy to push the end through the loop at the front. cord through loop

Then I could tie the two lengths of chain in a bow to keep the phone safe. cord tied in bow

But on an everyday basis when I wanted it out of the way I could tie a neat bow at the back of the case. bow tied at the back

Of course I could have had the bow at the front but that is how I decided to do it.

And that other project

When I was in John Lewis on Thursday, I saw a whole array of cross stitch kits for making bookmarks. They were all lovely but I just couldn’t resist buying this onebookmark kitas blue tits are probably my favourite birds.

I didn’t realise till I read the instructions that there are whole lot of different sorts of stitches needed. A project for sunny afternoons at home I think. It is very fine fabric with closer holes than I would naturally chose but I think I will be just able to manage.

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