Monthly Montage – January

I have almost finished my hook case and will be doing an update later in the week but for now I want to recap what I have shared with you this past month.

Early on I shared an overview of all my knitting and crochet completed in 2019 but during the month it has been all crochet.

I showed you how well I was getting on with the Sacred Space blanket although I regret to say I have done no more since.

January montage

This was because I got sidetracked onto making case for my new mobile phone and a case for my ergonomic crochet hooks. I am very pleased with the phone case although I have yet to finalise the closure and I have finished all the pockets for the hook case and when I have sewn in the ends and created an edging I will be writing a post.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Montage – January

  1. You probably put the rest of us to shame in what you have completed and what you are working on. lol. I have almost complete a Drops pattern- Hood in symphony.. and have completed a dishcloth for my daughter.. but other then that… shame as I do have time to work on these things. lol

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    1. No need for shame. I do a lot because I enjoy it but I also feel a bit under pressure to do stuff so I have something to write a post about every week. That sort of pressure isn’t so good.
      I get amazed by what I see some other people do which seems much more than I do.


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