Tapestry Roses

Joining with Sandra of Wild Daffodil and her Textile Tuesday I decided that I would follow her example and share some tapestry pictures I have.

Not nearly as impressive as her needlepoint but with fond memories.pink rose

These were created when I was in my teens as a joint project with my mother.

yellow rose

A little hard to photograph due to the fact that they are under glass or more probably plastic!

red rose

Just four in total.
dark red rose

My mother wanted to create these having some charts giving the colours needed and suggested that I should fill in the flower part and she would fill in the background.

This was definitely a win-win situation as far as I was concerned as I got to do the interesting part and didn’t have to work the boring background. I suspect my mother felt similarly in reverse, since she liked to do such things in the evening while watching TV and filling in the background required less concentration.

Originally, as far as I can remember,  they were on the wall arranged in a square but later my mother hung them on a strip of ribbon so they could hang from one point.

I inherited them when my mother died. And now I have them on the wall in my study, where hopefully the light will not fade them too much as they don’t get direct sunlight. all four roses hanging up

We had also worked some slightly small flower pictures with embroidery thread. I would have liked to have had those as well but my niece asked if she could have them and I said “Yes.” It was hard to choose which set to keep myself. I especially remember that one of the other set was a dandelion which was my favourite. I think I have the charts we made them from. If I do, maybe I should recreate them.

I have not done much other tapestry, largely because of the cost of the tapestry wool. My mother had a duet stool for the piano and I would have loved to make a cover for it at the time but the estimated cost seemed much too much to spend.

I did however experiment with designing some dragon scales though never got as far a designing the whole dragon!

dragon scales trial piece

A few years ago I was given a mixed bag of tapestry type wool and did start a cat picture intended for my younger daughter but maybe it was a bit ambitious as my eye sight is not as good as it was and I found seeing where to fit the isolated stitches was a bit of a challenge and put it to one side. start of cat face tapestry

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