2019 Crochet and Knitting completed

As I have done previously I like to create a montage of the projects I have completed over the previous year.

This year I completed nine crochet items and eight knitted ones. I notice that they are all useful practical things.

For crochet five of these were made to give away. There was a crochet case for my granddaughter (shown twice), a pot stand and bag for my daughter and two blankets: one for a nursing home and the other for my daughter. For myself, I made a bag, a blanket and two bookmarks.

2019 crochet finished items

Now the knitting.

Again half of them were made to give away. A hat and cowl for my son-in-lawn, a pair of socks for a friend and a hooded top for a friend’s new grandchild. The rainbow coat and hat were made for fun and I am still not sure what to do with them but I also made a hat and scarf for myself

2019 knitting finished items

I wonder what I will make this year. I have my blanket and socks. the top for my daughter and a cardigan to complete but no particular things in mind after that.

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