Christmas Project Reveal

Here is what I was about to make when I showed you this photograph. teaser picture

This! finished project

The project had started as something that my granddaughter could take part in. Unfortunately, as she has just started her ‘A’ levels she has not had time for crochet so in the end I made them all.

It had always been the plan to alternate the red sparkly ones with the various other coloured ones.

The variously coloured ones were mostly made from small balls of yarn left over from other projects, though in the end I had to add in some other yarn to get a good colour mix. They are all Stylecraft Special DK. The red sparkly yarn was something I found locally and is James C Brett “Twinkle” Fashion DK.

This photograph was taken on the cruise, because I took the yarn with me as an occasional project for while I was away. red twinkle yarn

Of course I expect you realise by now that I always have to have a plan and know what I am doing before I start, so the next stage was deciding on the order before I linked them together.

I started by ironing the pieces, although I have to admit I don’t always bother with ironing (or blocking!). This was partly because of wanting to share a photograph of my colour choices on this blog. However even ironing did not remove the twist in most of them. ironed many colour pieces

andironed red pieces

I started by laying out the many coloured ones in a vaguely multi-rainbow inspired order. first arrangement

But I thought I could maybe do better.

I then chose the more acid coloured: orangey, gold and pale green ones and kept them in the multi-rainbow order but added in the other darker colours in between symmetrically (as far as was possible) from the centre.

second arrangement

I decided that I liked this arrangement best.

(This was when I realised that I had dropped one of them along the way, so the final arrangement is slightly different.) I had made twenty of each because the brief had been for ten feet and I had found that they each added about three inches to the length. That is why they are in bundles in the original photograph as I wrapped the fourth round the other three as I made them, to help keep count.

In the end I added another red one at the beginning for symmetry.

Here they are strung up at my daughter’s.hung up

My only slight disappointment with it is that I had hoped to create an almost invisible join but I am not very good at sewing and am not even sure if I made them the best way, so the joins show. join showing

Of course you can arrange them so the join is hidden next to the adjoining one but they tend to move round as you handle the chain and so slip out of place. I suppose it is only the perfectionist in me that is concerned about this!

Just in case anyone else wants to try this as a project for future years I will include a few details. It’s a good project for small balls of leftover yarn.

Almost a Pattern

I made them with DK acrylic yarn (US light worsted weight). I found that I needed slightly less than 3.5g per strip which is less than 10m of yarn.

I used a standard size hook for DK weight yarn which for me is 4.5mm because I crochet fairly tightly but is 4mm by default.

Each strip is six stitches wide worked for forty rows in dcs (US scs). This creates something about the same size as the paper strips you can buy. (Or at least you could buy them years ago.) close up

I found that about four strips were needed for each foot of length you wanted.

I had tried an alternative way of making them in the beginning, which was to have six rows of forty stitches, which looks like this. alternative

I chose the six stitches forty rows version because it is much easier to keep track of six stitches as you go so as to avoid mistakes. However now the chain is finished I think that I prefer it. finished chain

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