Top progressing!

I have been working on the top for my daughter. Here are some steps along the way.

First of all I worked the circular part around the armhole. part 1

Here you can see another view to show the pattern better. a different view of part 1

After working part 2, that was similar but was more of a strip worked back and forth, (though even the first circular part was worked back and forth) I completed the first half of part 3A where the pattern changes. part 3A added

And finally I worked part 3B as far as the point where I need my daughter to try it on, so I know how much to do before joining the shoulder and side seam. up to end? of part 3B

Hence the pieces of yarn that help to show how it fits.

We tried it on and so now I just have to add enough for the joining down the side and on the shoulder.

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