I need more socks!

Recently I discovered that the first pair of socks I had made for myself all those years ago (over seven years!)

I can wear it straight or turned over

had developed a hole. tiny holeOh no! Just one stitch missing sort of hole and when I am feeling very clear headed I will try to repair it. It is a bit sad but I had not realised how much the socks had faded and they have shrunk a little and got a bit hard in places.

And then a little while later I found that another similar sock, my ‘hybrid’ sock made with two colourways of the same yarn, had an even bigger hole. larger holeI will also try to repair this but I do feel once a sock develops a hole it’s day are numbered.

Now I have lots of sock yarn in my drawer but have not made any more socks for a while because I had just about the right number to get me through a week or two. However I had bought a yarn that I really liked (even though I didn’t really need it!) because it has such a wonderful array of faux fairisle patterning.

Regia Design Line 4 Ply – Arne & Carlos

special yarn

So I just had to have some. This, the Moon Night colourway, was the one I like best.

And here is what I have done to date, so that you can see what lovely built-in patterning there is. front of sock

And the under-side under-side of sock

4 thoughts on “I need more socks!

  1. Help! I see that you are using a circular needle for your socks… send me to a place where I can learn to do this with the circular needle… I have put off learning to do socks because of the dnp being used and always loosing stitches from on end or the other…
    Thank you for any help .

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    1. I too do not like double pointed needles and put off the idea of making socks until I found you could use circular needles. These needles are made by Addi and you can find them here – https://www.addineedles.co.uk/20cm-addi-circular-needle-144-p.asp – Addi also make slightly longer needles they say are for socks with one tip longer than the other. I haven’t tried them but am very happy with the 20cm ones. I use a 2.5mm for sock wool.
      You can use circular needles anywhere you would use double pointed ones. You just put all the stitches on the circular needle.


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