Something for my Daughter

Last summer my daughter was helping at a Summer festival that she goes to called ‘Joust’ and she sent me an email with a copy of a photograph she had taken of a lady in a crochet top she had admired because “I thought you’d like to see it.” photo I was sentAlways on the look out for an ulterior motive. My reply was:-

“Mm Yes.

Looks like one of these graduated yarns.

Did you want me to make one for you?

I suppose you didn’t ask what yarn it was.”

And Yes! she did fancy having a top like that so I searched and searched until I found the pattern.

The secret to finding the pattern was actually to discern what the yarn was and do a search on Ravelry.

It was this Link to the pattern on Ravelry

The pattern is more of a recipe than a precise pattern so it took a bit of thought to get my head round it.

This was followed by much discussion of what colourway should be used and my trying to work out how much yarn would be needed to fit my daughter and give her a garment the length she wanted.

The yarn that many people used for this pattern was Scheepjes Whirl and the colour my daughter chose was Turquoise Turntable. yarn for garment plus otherAs you can see I also bought some Stylecraft yarn that I needed for the Sacred Space blanket at the same time and to save postage treated myself to a yarn slicer. A good alternative to a scissors on a plane or Fridays at Crafty Coffee.

As to how much yarn would be needed: in the end I decided that it would probably only take about half of the skein. We have decided on using more of the middle part of the length, so now I just have to decide when I have wound off enough.

Would be better if I hadn’t lost the piece of paper I wrote all my calculations on. Should have filled out the important ones in my little book. note book I use

While trying to work out how much yarn was needed I made a small sample of the start of the pattern. small sample

I am a bit nervous about starting the actual garment. Wish me luck!

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