Sacred Space part 6

I have finally finished part six of the Sacred Space blanket CAL.

The really crazy thing is that having finished the corner with the cream yarn, now that I had it. cream final rowI realised that I had followed the colour choices for this part of the pattern slavishly, in that the last two rows were in cream, but that it would have been better if the last row was in the sherbet, as in that way the white popcorns would have stood out more.

I had had plenty of sherbet so if I had decided that at the time I would have finished this part weeks ago.

By now I had finished all four of the corners in cream but not to ‘spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar’ , as they say. I pulled out all the four rows of cream and redid them in sherbet. sherbet final row

Much better!

And so we have. blanket completed to part 6Photographed inside this time!

Since I am so far behind where I might have been if I hadn’t been ill, I am not going to rush to complete part seven.

I have finished my Christmas project but will wait till after Christmas to show you. I also have something to make for my daughter and I am inclined to go on to starting that next, so I can see how the first part fits her before I proceed to the rest. Maybe I will tell you more about it next time.

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