Missing Montages

Going to make a montage for November I realised that I do not have ones for either September or October.

Now these montages are made as much for myself as for others because they are an excellent way to find out when I made a particular thing. So I decided to fill in the missing ones.

I also realised that I have not posted very much these last two months so have combined October and November into one joint montage.

Here is the montage I have made for September. September montageThere was so much to include for this month: all crochet on the crafting front.

I finished my Lost Garden blanket and blogged about the next three stages in the Sacred Space blanket CAL. I have almost finished the corners in the next section now and must complete them soon and so move on to part seven. I also shared the things I had made for my daughter’s birthday present.

I created three posts about my holiday and have chosen the best photographs to give a flavour of things.

And so to October and November.

Just one post about my holiday in October and so I ended up needing to use most of the photographs that I shared then.October and November montage

November was knitting: my hat and scarf and for crochet: a photograph I had been sent of someone else’s versions of my Celtic coasters.

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