At last I have something to show you!

I’ve given in to the weather and taken the best photos I can of my new hat and scarf. I had to adjust the colours but it is almost impossible to reproduce the particular shade of blue green. I suppose it is somewhere between turquoise and peacock blue.

I have made both of the patterns before in the same colour yarn.

I made this scarf as a Christmas present. scarf made for presentand I made this hat for my eldest. hat for daughter

This is one of my favourite shades of blue so when I had the chance to buy a few balls at a reduced price, I jumped at the chance.

I think that the yarn shows off the scarf pattern to good effect and it is so easy.

Just K1, *yrn, P2tog to last stitch* K1. You do need a smaller needle for this. I made the hat in 9mm and 10mm but used 6mm for the scarf.

I have some lovely rosewood needles in 6mm and 10mm  my daughter gave me. I normally prefer metal needles but the rosewood is very smooth and at this thickness they are very sturdy, so it was a pleasure to use them.

The original scarf was made for a man and I always fear that a fringe might be seen as too ‘girly’ but for my scarf, as you can see, I added a fringe. my scarf

And here is the hat. my hat

The other day I also took a photograph of my self wearing the scarf and although it is not a good photograph I think that it gives a good idea of what it is like to wear. wearing hat and scarf

Incredibly soft and with an interesting pleasant smell.

As to my other projects:-

I ran out of yarn needed for the Cosmic CAL blanket, though a kind friend has since brought me the ball I needed, so I hopefully I will feel up to finishing the next section soon. Knitting my cardigan was too fiddly, since it is in 4ply, so that is why I turned to the hat and scarf. I had bought the yarn a couple of years ago when it was on special offer and was hoping to make them for this winter. Because it is super chunky it seemed a much easier project, which was a good reason to at last get around to them.

(I also have been working on an incredibly easy Christmas crochet project that I will show you when it is complete.)

Here is a teaser.teaser

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