Isn’t this clever!

I am always happy to see what other people make of my patterns and recently Tanya, who I think lives in Canada, sent me a picture of a Celtic Coaster she had made. One Celtic Coaster

I thought it was well made and enjoyed her strong primary colours.

And then, and this is the clever bit, she sent me this photograph! Twelve Celtic CoastersLook carefully, can you find any two that are alike?

No! They are all different; in fact they are all the possible arrangements of those four colours for my pattern.

Someone after my own heart as they say. I have never sat down and worked this out but it’s very much something I might have done.

As an aside

I like that she used red, green, yellow and blue.

One thing has always puzzled me about primary colours though.

If you think of the main six rainbow colours (leaving out indigo as it was probably only added to make the number of colours up to seven);

if you were using paint you would choose versions of red, blue and yellow to enable you to make the other colours of orange, green and purple;

if you were mixing coloured light you would have to use red, blue and green to give you all the colours, as in televisions.

Both list include red and blue but the third one is different. What is is about red and blue that means they are in both lists. or why are yellow and green only in one?

I don’t know the answer.

For people who have been following me for a while

Some of you may wonder why I have been absent for a while. Quite a simple explanation. Around the middle of September I had a bad cold closely followed by flu. Now suffering from what is generally called ME/CFS something like a cold or flu can really reduce my energy levels for weeks after.

At first writing a post for the blog was at least something I could do when I didn’t have the energy to go out but as I recovered and wanted and needed to get back to my normal routine, writing and reading blogs was something I gave up in order to do this, as I still needed a rest in the afternoons. I am actually much better now though not totally back to normal.

I have now finished something, in spite of doing less knitting and crochet as they needed too much concentration – even easy stuff! However the light has been so bad I haven’t been able to get any good photographs.


20 thoughts on “Isn’t this clever!

  1. So glad to see your post..have been missing you and wondered what had happened. Now get well and may the light shine on you long enough to get your picture. lol.

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  2. This is Matthew from Common Issues…
    This is very nice! I had an old relative who would knit and crochet this same material when I was a young boy. This post evoked a lot of pleasant memories within me. Thank you! I’m sorry that you got so sick that you were unable to write for a while. I hope you can overcome this issue very soon. You are in my thoughts. Take care.

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