Rhine Cruise – Breisach and Titisee


The next day was Sunday and maybe it was as a result of the cold/chest infection that had started a week previously but I did not feel at my best. I was therefore content to just wander.

I had not expected to be able to go to church on the Sunday however we were told that there was a mass at 1030. I considered going but did not feel well enough to cope with an hour or so in German. Even more so as the church was at the top of a long flight of steps. church

So we just wandered around below.

First we sat down and watched the fountains. fountainsIt was a beautiful day!

I was rather struck by this painting on the wall of a house. paintingSuch fun I thought!

And this old archway looked interesting. old archwayAs you can see it was just a small but really quite delightful place.

Titisee Lake

After lunch we went by coach through the Black Forest to Titisee Lake. view of the lakeIf I had been feeling energetic I might have liked to walk all round the lake but when we arrived it was obvious that that would be quite a long walk and probably take all the time we had anyway.

So we wandered around the shops and saw the cuckoo clocks. cuckoo clocksYears ago I might have been tempted to buy one but the novelty of a clock that says “cuckoo” on the hour has worn off somehow. They are very pretty though.

We decided to try some Black Forest Gateaux. I have a recipe at home which I have made at least a couple of times. (Shades of the 70s!) It would be interesting to compare.

A euro was worth about £1 at the time so it was easy to compare prices. A slice of Black Forest Gateaux was about 3 euros which seemed fair enough. So we each had a slice of cake and a capuchino. cake and coffee by the lakeWe had not realised the slices would be so big!

Interestingly the bottom was pastry and there was an incredible amount of cream. And delicious sour cherry filling.Black Fores gateaux

There was so much that I wrapped the bottom cake layer and the pastry in a napkin and finished it a couple of days later. If we had realised how big it would be we might have bought one piece between us!

Tomorrow Strasbourg!

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